About Elizabeth

Hi, I’m Elizabeth! This blog is mostly for me as a place to write down and keep some of my favorite recipes and kitchen secrets so that I can keep adding and coming back to them. It’s also a place for me to share my ideas with my family and friends, and for them to share with me as well.
I love to cook and really enjoy creating tasty and healthy meals. I like to modify and recreate different recipes. Sometimes I follow them as they are, but usually I enjoy putting my own spin on things. Unless I’m following a recipe exactly, I don’t use typical measurements. I usually use the same measurement system as my mom does when cooking. Which ranges from “just a little bit of” to “just enough” to “a gob or whole lot of” something. When trying to actually write down a recipe to be able to be recreated by others, I have been trying my best to translate “our” measurements into standard measurements. All of my baking recipes are exact, because let’s face it, baking is much more precise. For my cooking recipes, I usually just go on instinct and past experience of how something should look or taste. I’ve tried my best to be as accurate as possible, but if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please let me know. I hope you enjoy my recipes and have as much fun creating in the kitchen as I do!

1 thought on “About Elizabeth”

  1. Hi Elizabeth—–You are an interesting lady. I read every recipe late last night and believe it or not, I want to make every one of them. What a clever thing you did, and seeing you and William was and is a great joy. I love you lots and lots, also WAL.

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